Be true. Be you.

It is true, in hunger, to eat. It is true, in love, to love. It is true, in emptiness, to fulfill. True is as it is. You are as true is. You are true. Let true become you as doubt brings true a question. To be doubtful of you is true still. Understand and be. This, my friends, is underhanded subtlety; if I do say so myself… as I type these words.
Is as America: Truth, Justice, and the American Way as true, and in no way false from sea to shining sea.

A perfect circle, not within the etchings of its address to the nation, but the shadow played upon the moon that leaves less, an arm strong. The satellite imagery hears the darkest wars of each star that is human. See you there… in passion, and in vanity.

‘It can’t rain all the time.’

Bent, in a game, for one are many like the pear tree.. First, is the day.

Remember your first love.

Know the truth knows you. One and one are three – which is simple to the wise…

A child’s day ~ Captured…
Forgetted within a forsaken one in the equation of the ketchup packet for a happy meal.

5229 - Copy











Hay tantos años para DIA DEL NIÑO

Sin embargo, ¿ Con qué frecuencia Oramos para que






La journée d'un enfant

Certaines années, tellement à la journée d'un enfant

Pourtant, combien de fois nous prions pour que


PEUVENT ils ne voient jamais une telle douleur

Parce que peu importe ce qu'il apporte

ESPOIR est forte dans le rêve d'enfant


UNE VIE DE L'ESPOIR vient de commencer

DAY alttifl
THERE ARE سنوات عديدة TO DAY الطفل

ومع ذلك، و كيف وغالبا ما نحن نصلي من اجل ان

حتى إذا كان هناك أي غدا

ويمكن أن NEVER نرى مثل الحزن

لأنه لا يهم ما يجلب تكنولوجيا المعلومات

HOPE قوي في حلم الطفل

و قبل الغد يأتي EVER

عمر من الأمل قد بدأت للتو



YET ,我們經常祈禱







Es gibt so viele Jahre, um eine CHILD 'S DAY

Doch wie oft haben wir beten, dass

Auch wenn es kein Morgen


Denn egal, was es bringt

HOPE ist stark in der EIN KINDERTRAUM

UND vor morgen kommt jemals

Eine Lebensdauer von HOPE hat gerade erst begonnen

एक बच्चे के दिन

एक बच्चे के दिन के लिए कई साल रहे हैं

फिर भी, हम जानते हैं कि कितनी बार प्रार्थना करते हैं

कोई कल नहीं है, भले

वे इस तरह के दुखों कभी नहीं देख सकते

कोई बात नहीं यह क्या लाता है , क्योंकि

आशा है कि एक बच्चे के सपने में मजबूत है

और कल कभी आता है इससे पहले

आशा की एक लाइफटाइम अभी शुरू हुई है

יומו של ילד

יש שנים רבות כל כך ליומו של ילד

ובכל זאת, כמה פעמים אנחנו מתפללים ש

גם אם אין מחר

ייתכן שהם לא רואים את צער כזה

כי לא משנה מה שהוא מביא

תקווה היא חזקה בחלום של ילד

ולפני מחר יבואו פעם

חיים של תקווה רק התחילו


Tot annos pueri DIEI

Tamen quoties oramus

Etiamsi non intercesserit NO TOMORROW

Illi nequaquam ultra videbitis usque EIUS MODI DOLOR

Quia tunc tantum id IT BRINGS

SPES pollenti puerilium SOMNIUM


Spes vita coepti


Sincerely interested in me

Carries on conversation…

Stimulating … doing,

And encouraging different

Interest remains the same….

Witty, uplifted, sarcasmically drives

Open sensitivity… the shine

Of honesty

Getting reflected both ways

And moves…

Equally, listens to the feeling soul

And together prays

Now and then

Romantic responsibility

Becomes electric intensity

And inquires who I am

Birth upon sparks of friendship

That kind and generous needs

Within exceptions passion

Finds everything

A thriving cycle

Said to be

Will be

The will to do

Letting me in too…

Rain’s intimate day

Is a bit dark and full of light

Trusting in letting go.



In the beginning. In love we are moved. A soul breathes. It is felt. For one instant there is eternity. From this moment becomes a memory that seeks and builds, upon each new ‘first’, the path that leads to it. Points and lines that map a collection of moments commemorated and journeys to each discovery. As creatures of habit, this is the addiction. The origins are sought. The beginnings of a species that has the ability to fathom such as this. The flags of discovery and anniversary dates of the day that they occur are increased even onto our solar system. With images of galaxies: the universe and an ultrasound picture of a new life before that first breath. The breath that those who have witnessed of, for one moment in life, believe in God even if it is the only moment. From that moment every day of their child’s life becomes a reminder. This is how some of us get the point. That sephiroth, that orgasm, the destination, the inspiration that once moved us to venture into a way of life that carries it from discovery to goal. In this is one and the same. The means to an end are vessel-ed. Whether it is a passion as an athlete, a teacher, a stuntman, a veterinarian, a fry guy at McDonald’s, or the maker of happy meal toys, a singer, a writer, president, a guide, a parent, artist, mathematician, a hero, etc. This is how we parallel to reflect God. Our child when we are childless. Our parent when we are orphans. We enfold onto our own selves what is worldwide an identical notion. From the east to the west, as right to left…a polarity and our backbone. There are a vast number of opinions, but the point of view is one of the same. We strive to be true to our hearts and prosperous in our endeavors as a unified theory goes on around each of us, and urges the individual to take part in. We like, (individually) onto similar and familiar communes. Communities like onto one….
As it grows it grows, perhaps, grows deaf from the noise of the crowd, and is needed.. that reminder of what was first sought of to recall the reason to be right where it is currently. The noise may be the answer and not the problem. Listen. We cry out for reason, and in this statement a first breath. ~…


I am thinking of how hinges are on the inside when kids are grounded to their rooms. Aside from a window in which to escape; hinges, off, solve a problem. What of words and listening? Biting your tongue hurts, and hinges make speaking necessary. Unable an argument for using power.. jabber jawing on to silence is the wizard with a megaphone. Motor mouths win. So do those restricted to their rooms… Funny thing is that all of the good stuff is always inside.

The best tweens were grounded often!

“When do we begin to speaking to one another, or do we continue to aid lonliness within a world, faithful, love created…?… foundation,loud, laid.”  – Lana K. Lilla Christian


I just found a picture of my grandson online. ‘Moonbeam’ is going to be some show on Comedy Central, and is the same name as a person who threatened my youngest daughter for all of these years.. why she couldn’t take her earrings out for so many years. She forged paperwork from my daughter’s school, and knew about Cocoa before my girl even had Cocoa. Cocoa is dead now.She was in possession of my I.D., all of my papers, and I’d hear them outside, and I’ve caught them at night with the minor lamps on. Chris never believed me. there was the Yahtzee CD game that I still had from Florida that was dropped in the street. Recently, the original owner lost two people in his life. They mocked, with glasses like mine, without, on Thanksgiving, over a Mother’s Day gift that was given to me by my other daughter. Child Support fraud, tax fraud, insurance… fraud done by another

and another

and another then turned upon the hand that fed them… another and then another…

And on out the land, the seas, and mentality… forgetting heart all together, rights, freedoms, family, water, BLOOD, sold out… two children…

Three each, and no one cares. Family fades.. love turns a kind of spiritual .. another stolen thought, and a child care brochure goes on for their customers as if consumers need only apply. I haven’t heard silence for years, and I’m not the only one. Nerves tightly wound. the dogs go nuts.. even without a whistle.

I guess they’ve gone auto pilot. So much for the creative art of it all, and I saw my grandson on a video today. From a college.


October 08, 2015
To Whom It May Concern, and Regarding Homeland Security:

From the computer and original letter written by, Lana Kathleen
Lilla Christian as my rights are being violated and denied presently
in the form of Bio Digital Terrorism and Mental Torture.

In a small town there lives simple people who have many years
behind them in becoming able to stand on their own. Since the
government focuses mainly upon big cities, and high energy areas of
productive means that support them,small town U.S.A. has to raise a
voice through patience, determination in the cause that founded their
need to be heard. In this process there emerged greater things than
originally thought needed of our country’s aid in order to stop the
devastating truth that clouds over them. A storm center reality that
has since escalated into massive power branches that reach world wide,
and brews. No longer within the ability of this small town community’s
reach, simply because the seed found a bed to plant thereon what is no
longer their own to claim. Through a boring day and night are country
boys and girls trying to occupy their time. This is a common means of
an average day in the life of what is known as country cruisin’. Once
this was done through farm roads of corn fields, and soy crops passing
by. Stopping at a cozy spot to drink some beers, get into mischief,
and over the years this was no longer enough to satisfy. tragic deaths
of young people out on these country roads are read in the local
papers in each edition that comes out. the numbers became too high,
and there were some who brain stormed new ideas and inspiration that
may find a promising future down those roads instead.  The task of
accomplishing availability for things to do for young people became
side stepped in a method of discovery that is hardly recognized for
credibility given for fact, only makes this harder for those kids in
the long run. Now it is a harder reality for the lives of people
across the nation. somewhere along the timeline of attempting to gain
credibility, respect, solutions, and results based upon sacrifices
made by those of us believing in more than opinion of our elders in
seats of authority looking unfavorably down upon us. One man’s ability
in a slightly criminal mastery, discovered a deadly mix about to go
into the hands and body’s of consumers. Medical prescriptions were
mistakenly issued carelessly, and at the same time chemicals that are
for crops in order to protect and nurture their vitality in use… had
changed its properties, and threatened countless people everywhere
from the heartland of America. From the nation’s processing labs
emerged synthetic drugs which opened up a new mix of an ongoing
tradition that some of us were not going to see used to darken a
reputation already shamed by those ignorant to the side that, as
partakers that have not fallen by the way side in escapist misfit
spirals ending bottomed out and worse off than already deep within.
that is drug abuse. One feeds the other in the tools, means, and
method as the one fact involved remains: Abuse. what was discovered by
mixing old fashioned ‘moonshine’ with the , then legal, ‘bath salts’
(Methadrone for example)a health issue multiplied depending upon the
mental process of the person. In this case: myself and my husband
experienced the effects, and managed to miraculously come to realize
and attempt to f actualize positive, medicinal, and many other
successful results being used now because of the work that was put
into the countering of the error in judgement by professionals
mastered to do so in the best interest of those who were to consume of
it. Little was known of what was behind the ability for my being able
to take this on to the extent that I have with some grace and dignity
still intact. Believing in the need to see these branched out effects
be better than what was found of them, and true is this: Girl Scout
cookies this year were sold, and money raised without the alternative
result of the consumption of the ingredients mixed and processed with
the crop supplies would have produced. Gas prices are remaining low
and stayed in an affordable bracket unlike history of the past years
would show. Cancer research has had major break throughs, countless
other outcomes have come out of the years invested in a very terrible
and horrifying experience that pushed two people to bring out of it
all, something grand. Something that will never truly be realized, but
will be a part of the lives of many. It has been our aim, and drive as
the storm became worse, buried from knowledge, traded, sold,
auctioned, threatened, suffering loss of life and love so that we may
bring us all out of the World Wide Web where WWWIII  has commenced. We
don’t have to miss our family and friends because of being called to
go off to battle. The unlikely hero’s will never be recognized with
grand reception due to how we may encourage a negative reaction to the
youth of our influence, but that’s okay. the important thing is that
it is known, and brought forth into action, the power needed to stop
what I sit here writing in knowing. Terrorism has found a way in, and
is swiftly tearing down our nation from the heartland out. America CAN
fall, and I really don’t wish to see this happen. I am the daughter of
Linda K. Arnold (Brown), and the niece of Mike Brown. The only two
surviving siblings out of nine as I’ve been informed over the years
from my mom. My father, who is also deceased, my sister,, and many
others whom I call and know as family have paid a heavy price. I write
this in honor of my marriage, of love. Chris L. Christian died one
year ago today. The debt for all of our loved ones has been paid. I
offer my witnessed accounts, and experiences of the past years in
order to help stop the abuse and terrorism towards a people who live
there united as a global community. This is one place to take of our
talents in order to work together for happiness, freedom to be, as
individuals unhindered in our right to grow from dreams suffered by a
thief, nor instigated by our own socially frowned upon choices in
life. Before me and after me, I will fight to keep the cycle of abuse
from entering or returning upon those unable to prepare themselves of
the impact that the negative aspects involved lead to. It starts and
stops with me in this matter. As elected officials, I hope that you
hold the valor and grace that you’ve held of yourselves in order to
achieve your seat. All that has been required of me in order to
approach you with this, with respect stayed, and strong in  all that
America claims to be and needs of the people. As a present victim of
Human Trafficking, slavery, attempted murder, child support fraud that
has threatened the lives of my children and loved ones as I was
demanded to perform sexually for upload online, and to be consumed of
every thought, every memory, every relationship, and every moment’s
breath meant for everything except this forced isolation as a way to
live my life. My children are all at a distance from one another, and
I see more and more families being torn apart due to the parent child
relationship being used in the programming language as it has become
applied in order to induce a bio digital persona that is interwoven
into my physical being. This is assisted medical technology at it’s
worse. Murder, kidnapping, and more are all possible and occurring at
an accelerated rate. Suicide rates have increased in a way that has
brought to light a very crucial ingredient that needs to be carefully
looked at. This is the parallels that find people, places, and
anatomy, histories, and events over lapping and repetitive in such a
way that will astound when the details get presented to you in order
to cease this horror. Isis has a fall guy, town, method, means, and
others as well. Perhaps, one small town in the heartland of our own
country.  I see nothing good coming from the misuse of this technology
that has been built based upon everything that I happen to be. Forced
upon me was a dawning of the huge and vast capabilities of every
person beyond the natural intensity that I had already been aware of.
The person(s) responsible for inducing something based upon a
knowledge acquired from my family’s past, and integrated with me in
order to facilitates a bio digital type human that is a key to the
source that is kept and hidden right under the nose of those who will
and come to find that the devastation held here are hopefully not any
longer then already has been in all the reports, claims, and filed
complaints sent out over the years. The denial for help in pursuing,
investigating in any way, shape, or form in countless areas needing
immediate attention and focus. I will continue to express this need
until someone sees… someone listens. Please, share this if you are
reading this. I don’t wish this upon anyone of the extreme negative
side of this story. There is a storehouse of wonderful and amazing
results that have come from it as well. Should we have been made blind
to the factors involved, in truth, and have come up short in a
positive outcome.. it is because we have already been invaded, and all
of this is well into play by parted out ways of use in order to stop
the growth of a, yet, young country.

Helpful Resources are welcome and may be sent to or

I encourage you to write instead.
Lana K. Lilla Christian

When a human involuntarily becomes bio digital with optical imaging, doing anything productive and insuring that communication reaches the proper parties intended to be reached becomes nearly impossible. The thoughts that hold the information needing corresponded are acted upon negatively, and find a path doomed to fail long before a final draft reaches a mailbox. By the time that the details are sorted out in order to convey a message as it was intended to be understood, and in basic facts, stated – paths are immediately designed to detour and delay anyone’s attempt to outreach to anyone who may be suffering a situation similar to my own for resolve. All the while when trying to process the information, the setback of becoming emotionally calm in order to communicate in a way that is understood, supported by friends, and family, enduring constant interference, threats, induced fear, etc. are constantly being pushed upon each step into daily life. Many more factors stretch the time frame for success in getting anyone to hear what needs to be heard… or from the person desperately needing to speak out. The effort taken in order to delay my own success in any solution to the happenings going on in my life, and that I have been witness to clearly indicates that what I have to share is crucial enough to increase the criminal actions necessary to make certain that I never reach this goal. The character flaws of a person becomes a tool, and a major focus point. This, then, becomes ‘sufficient reason’ for any thing that I might have to say to find no basis for credibility. Priority becomes clouded by way of something far less detrimental then the devastation that has or is occurring otherwise. Letters sent meet response that shows signs of interception, and the actual response from legitimate persons, companies, and vital resources never finds its way to me. This indicates fraud on a Federal level, but the goings on in my personal life, thoughts, actions, etc. have become far more harmful, and in need of attention. Attention is drawn toward any negative aspects there may be instead of the crime mentioned prior. Psychological warfare has been mixed with genuine intentions, and along with the socially immoral, or generally unaccepted means to carry out good; an outweighing of negative becomes the reason to gravitate away from commending the truth and those who know it. That others know of my own persona, mental health, personal habits, and on as it may go by those whom I have not communicated with for years at a time, or longer is another factor to take into consideration as to the profile that describes all that is involved here. It is also an indicator of those who are negatively active in its uses. To write this with the feelings in knowing that those people I have loved and still love dearly are being blindsided without any foundation for truth except with assumptions, opinions, and conclusions that place belief in sources belonging to strangers before me, and failing to confront the source which includes confronting me. This total unsubstantiated alienation is beyond heartbreaking. However, I cannot let myself focus on the traumatizing results that this brings. I have to make it a point to retain some dignity in the truth, and keep consistent in focused strength necessary in order to see that the facts remain, and are presented without further corruption. In order to do this, I have found myself continuing in certain activities that are the very same activities that are used to discredit me, or any helpful and detrimental claims as a witness to the bio digital human underground. There are not many of a position that is career based that would or could look at this point of view within a world where its people are at risk. This underground world is frowned upon by social standards, and not entirely understood by me. However, that I am connected, aware, and sensitive to the energies and goings on in an offhand way that is separate from the usually unaccepted, and their ways, means, and platforms for whatever reasons. The paths are parallel, and like many aspects of this story in its entirety, extremely difficult to differentiate one from the other. Hindering the already hindered ‘classes’ of people and individuals is a main element in how this is being carried out. ‘This’ being terrorism. Our own issues, problems, mistakes, setbacks, fears, weaknesses, loves, and so on are ammunition to keep them all as one clear method for destruction: power in security. With security comes strength and confidence, and without it we weaken and increase the chances of completely shattering as individuals as well as a country, as a species capable of the extreme ends of the spectrum that I am, here, explaining. My personal telling of my experience that brings in its entirety out into a bigger picture of and for humanity. Therefore, my personal life, in and of itself, is only willing to be shared because it reflects so much more then myself. Otherwise, it is just another sad story of devastation too common with a far too large population as it is. If I could keep it personal, and go with feeling sorry for myself with a need for justice, I would have stopped interest in being persistent in my involvement to see this through long ago. I already would have seen it through. To see a future mapped out that has such a negative impact on so many is not something easily carried by anyone. I have often asked myself how I have managed to keep going for so long. The truth is that I really do not know except that there is too much hate in the world, and I refuse to join their ranks. There has been very little along my path as to why I should not and actually do not hate. The rare little pieces of reasons to love overshadow my ability to give into the negative outlook. They are that precious. I have to approach this delicately with the declarations of facts and truths that I know. We are all apt to misuse advantages when what is being presented may very well include an out for some desperately seeking one, and are willing to use it in the very same way that these terrorists have been. I urge caution, and as my son would say: wait ten minutes before you react, and insert some intelligence in that lump three feet above your ass.’ This brings me to mention the important need for discipline. For example: the practice of meditation, martial arts, mastering of any art form of a personal way of choosing to live life can not succeed with haste, wasted use of a useful hint of energies, nor by consuming by way of theft of what others have spent lifetimes in order to achieve. This is a lot to think about, and I encourage you to consider that last statement seriously. We are all guilty roundabout on some level, and this has now become a pathetic epidemic instead of legacy, value, and morals as paths for those who have yet to walk them.


by Lana K. Lilla

…. inspired as a wind moves through me…

Dare I touch love with a pen?


 so young, yet ageless…

How does an artist paint God?

Unseen, His features, chiseled… flawless…

The innocence of a child


In a simple smile.

So, alas, it is possible here to dare

Such a feat as this…

When we say the same words

 at the same time

With no words at all.

It is an artist in heaven

Who dared to capture it

 and won…

Cherish is a word I now use

In this capture of love.

There’s no proof in this

 but its’ sweet intent

So, success being mine?

I can not dare say.

My pen,

 for eternity,

shall never capture again

 love I now know…

Inspired love now engraved.



Behind closed eyes

There’s this place she goes

That the thief of dreams

Will never know

Her only friend

The voice of a song

In a special place

Where dreams belong

Magic in melody

Her spirit dances free

Where others abandoned

And never believed

So when the thief saw

The girl in her dance

Song held her safe

In a dream

Of chance

A reflection now seen

Of the little girl grown

Is now the voice of a song

For another to know

Sharing the gift

Of words in the wind

I’ve come to write this

To say

Thank you my friend



Falling into yourself… To earth…
Don’t you know wings, broken,
Won’t fly
Going down?
You go down…
Bleeding the pain is now your ride…
The high.
So, you’ve missed out
On what isn’t real…
“Cheap damn wings,” you say
Fell off you.
Don’t you think
That you would feel?
What’s left of you?
Do you have a clue?
…You have no clue.
If this is too much for you, my friend;
Then you simply don’t know.
Haven’t caught my drift yet…?
So, what do you know?
… Fallen…
Seer, you didn’t see this, did you?
Believer, you lost faith, and claim you forgot to.
Dreamer, wake up… This is all that you can do.
Redeemer, see the sun of each day is new.
If this is too much for you, my friend;
You just don’t know.
What do you know?
Hitting the heart and taking the fall…
Searching a feeling never lost at all…
Take control.
See red.
Know where you reign king.
Hide away.
With this
As in everything.
Is this too much for you, my friend?
By now you should know…
Have some idea of what’s being said…
What do you know?
Seer, you can’t see it coming yet?
Believer, you lost faith…
How dare you claim it!
Dreamer, wake up!
Life will not forget.
Redeemer, the sun is all you have left.
Is this too much for you?
Do you even want to know?
Where did you go?
What do you know?
Let widowed clouds take your head
Behind that wall…
Don’t you know it’s your heart on your soul
Taking the fall?
It’s your self
You thought you lost it all.
Blaming anything and everyone
Except for the only one…
And when it’s said and done?
If this is too much for you, my friend;
You just don’t want to.
Can you keep telling yourself all this
In the end?
Go on with your show,
And righteous claim on bullshit?
So, what do you know?
You don’t know…
Do you?
Why don’t you know
That you’ve fallen?
Seer, I see you, come out of the shadows
Will you?
Believer, I believe in you, and I know faith
Will hold true.
Dreamer, don’t let dreams of you turn dark
Skies of blue.
Redeemer, I’ll catch you,
I’m right here
Beside you.
Don’t you know, my friend;
I’ve fallen too?
Now you know…
We all do.
So, stand up.
Will You?

CAM02096 (2)

Where one second came to be
From the life of a tree
Generations that bond
A family strong
Love is a name carried
Forever… eternal… on and on…
In a tenth of the time
Of right now… gone
Is that stable place called home
Where each one belongs
So, eat slow, walk tall, and speak well
Not of ease, love and bicker… argue until
All is still and you’ve had your fill
Tradition’s alive and well
Call this God if you will
So soft then is
The knot that hides it well
And whispers
But never tells the secrets
If you’re fast
And patient as hell…
As we strive to
As we don’t
Assumes why to just the same
Then doesn’t
Soft then is
In a tenth of time shown
A second for a tree
A stressed knot
In the wood of generations
Of family
From a yes
To a ring
Of a tree that is
And what I mean is
This questioned breath
Of life breeds doubt
It is why it hurts and shouts
What the fuck?!
Is this shit about?
It’s Sunday dinners at the grandparents house
Gathered at the table of a tree.


I have found the lady of my own pleasant dreams

Lonely eyes, so lovely

In one reflected moment seen.

She truly is beautiful in her solitude

A flawless complexion

Perfection in her smile

The softest skin

Never touched

Scarred by the yesterdays of you.

She says she’s alright with it

She loves her yesterdays

Unspoken words,

A voice unheard

She still listens anyway

She truly sees beautiful

In her solitude

In sweet dreaming


In so much more

All that faith has forever touched

The lady in me

That no one knew.

I have found pure poetry

In my own pleasant dreams

She’s so pretty, lovely, reflecting the pain you keep.

I have truly become beautiful

In my solitude

Perception flawless

Perfection in my smile

Finds beautiful, a lady touched…

One reflected moment

Simply, passing through.

Written by: Lana K Lilla Christian

Inspired by: Pebbles Michele Sandlin Lilla


Don’t give up now
We’re half way there
Let’s bounce awhile
Then skip for a few
How long is a mile?
As big as your smile?
A few more giggles
Til we’re through
Hop on one foot
Lets hop on two
We can simply walk as well
But not for long
Cuz it’s the end of the song
And we didn’t give up
I didn’t fall!


Can I ask for just five minutes
Of your precious time
I just need someone to talk to
If you don’t mind
I know that you don’t know me
Please would you be so kind
It seems the people in my circle
The ones that I call friends
Took all that was left of me
While I was down and without defense
Now I feel I need to cry out
Go a little crazy and make no sense
We all need listened to sometimes
We all need to lighten our load
We all get weighed down with bullshit
We all get lost sometimes trying to get home
I’d like to thank you mister
I’m sorry, what is your name?
I really feel so much better now
But I must be on my way
Don’t get up I’ll let myself out
I hope I can return the favor someday
Sir, just one more thing before I say Amen
I just have to know
Have you ever had days like this before
Felt there was no one and no where to go
I’m the lucky one to have found you
Perhaps we could get together
See a friendship grow
We all need to listen sometimes
We all need to help lighten the load
We all get busy and forget how to sit and be still
We all get found sometime down the road

paperboatslhvidpro-026DUELLY KNOTTED
When I call out to whisper your simple name
Your always
They blamed
Your tone
The same.
My love in the silence
My lips two… for sake
That deceitful calm commands
And why
Now that I’m never more
Spoken of love, in whisper
Nor fear… silence of a flame
Tried and true
Sparks of blue denied
A side only the Gods
The breath
The ground
Stand to hold of
A pair
For truth
Be known… the twin
In your name
Like mine, alone
One rings proof of…
A love never wants to be
Bare… too cold
Upheld in arms every moment
Unable to be shared
But you…
I swear
For life runs home
Example of what you know
For the rest of my lace
Bloom of the only God
Like fallen leaves forgiven
The damage, yet, again
I’ve risen frozen winter
Tears falling
…. He knows I’ve won
Reflect as I, so young
Turned and flipped near
Before Slipping upon a child
So close to gone
Grown to become a quiet song
A contortionist road of love
I’m stayed, adored, upons
I am
The same
I’m on
Don’t try
Don’t count
The measured bounds
All of our names
One love unconditioned
Stands unexpected in the plan
Lost to someone and you… safely
Held in all ways
For you
I am your seat
You once stood from.

me and chrisThere is no keeper of the mysteries
Only of its sanctuary
When awakened by imagination
A dream is immortalized
It’s a delicate luxury
To fascinate
The poet
The dreamer
The stranger
The nomad
The wise…


Careful, my friend, in what you say
Some cannot handle yesterday
Yes, I know
You are you
But some greatly fear
The simple and true
Baby, live your dreams
And never deny
Man’s power to judge
Is what makes justice blind
Be you
As I’ve come to know you
In all that you are
Love that knows this
Knows faith
And is love
… Never far…

0517151210-02I thought that miracles only happened
If you hold a STRONGER HAND
But everytime I see a Child’s smile (jessica’s)
I realize… I always have!

                                                              A CHILD’S DAY


little walker resurrected three trajectory

little walker resurrected three trajectory