help inspire a dream


     LITTLE HEARTS AND VOICES INSPIRED DREAMS PROJECT helps to provide resources, inspiration, and the means in order to keep children involved in abusive situations believing in their dreams, and striving to help make those dreams possible.  You can begin by donating your time, supplies, and other means that spark imagination, maintain creativity for a strong creative outlet to remain open. With the help of donations that include tickets to a planetarium, air show, plays, and other types of inspiring events one person may decide what they want to be when he or she grows up. Your help in to gather items such as musical instruments, comic books, art supplies, sports equipment, and the tools necessary to support the path to making the dream real even if it seems against all odds. Your time is also helpful as a guiding hand in helping this happen. I encourage you to spend a couple of hours to offer any expertise that you may have and teach art, dance, acting, astronomy, how to throw a baseball, or any inspiration that you may have to share with those who may not have the opportunity otherwise to join along with your own dream that has come true in your life.

For more information contact:

Lana K. Christian at
If you would like more information regarding  L.H.V.I.D. PROTEChT . Please send your inquiry to lhvidpro@hotmail for more details.


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