proposal concerning bio digital terrorism

And concerning China, Australia, Mexico, Canada, France, Spain, and all members of The Native American Tribal Counsel


That each country, community, facility/body of government, and/or private residence have and maintain their own individual device specifications for security, internet or internet access, and claim of ownership by an actual person, household, organization, etc. specific to each respectively. In the case of roaming that these guidelines of the device are in accordance with the individual in use of it at the time under the specifications of one specific area unless under the laws according to law enforcement, and persons of official government authority in which to do so. The location specific information being important in maintaining safety from misdirection  and/or displacement that may threaten or bring harm to those of any like place names and/or persons therein of other regions, areas, countries, religious body (church),  anatomical effective areas of the physical body, etc. including personal identifications of an individual. That any browsing or use of international websites and services is used only with a passport specific for device travel and usage that is obtained only by official mail carriers and services. This will help insure safety, legal jurisdiction, security (on all levels), as well as assist with cases involving human trafficking without hold, slavery without hold, and other criminal acts of cyber warfare/terrorism  for the resolution concerning the confusion that results in layering (double body), and targeting. To obtain laws specific in this area and inclusion in the laws of each country specifically minimizing the dangers resulting in victimization and of the criminal acts of those who use such means in order to control others (genocide by proxy). In short, that any act of bio digital terrorism that includes mind control, PET and other forms of mental intrusion that becomes device used as a device that is used for any wireless communication (including remote controls, etc.) be under the jurisdiction of the facility in with it is managed. I.e.: the responsibility of the person or body initiating use available for power of hold originally. Ie: that it is the reader’s responsibility and not the author’s once the work is read, and should an act of terrorism result  from a body of work read, but acted out elsewhere in a connected manner elsewhere  then the reader is not liable, but the author with the reader becoming the method in which to carry out and scapegoat a criminal act.  The author must then show original intent. IT HAS BEEN CONCLUDED BY ME, LANA KATHLEEN LILLA CHRISTIAN, THAT THE EVENTS THAT HAVE OCCURRED WITHIN THIS AREA OF KNOWLEDGE AND THE UNKNOWN METHOD IN WHICH IT WAS CARRIED OUT AND SINCE UTILIZED IN A MANNER LEADING TO ISIS AND ISEL AS KNOWN TO THE PUBLIC AND IS, IN FACT, A WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION AND STRONGLY URGE THAT THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, CONGRESS, AND  UNDER THE LAWS OF THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES,  that GRACE be allowed to be included and granted with FACILITY THAT PROTECTS AND SUPPORTS  THE UNITED NATIONS HUMAN RIGHTS LAWS FOR those  WITHOUT COUNTRY OR CHURCH DENOMINATION so that every person within the UNIVERSE be safe from the abuse that results from bio digital terrorism and physical applications outside of the laws of medicine, and work for the safety of our youth worldwide, and its solid security maintained in the freedoms given by GOD and COUNTRY for the promise A CHILD’S DAY, and that no Veteran be without home, or protection from the devices mentioned herein. That healing from these abuses begin. That no person be used or control of a technical device unless medically authorized, and under the supervision of a professional and licensed physician.

That the distinct differences between device and living breathing beings be clearly noted  by the enforcement of device only identity established under these guidelines. To require unique identifications separating a device from a living being. Any assisted technology use upon a human being, animal, or other living being be under the supervision and prescribed by a licensed  medical professional within the specific field of use applied, and that strict laws and guidelines are maintained and enforced. The misuse of these guidelines and laws should be punishable by law. That events of devastating results have occurred and require structured governing bodies to maintain, coordinate, and enforce these guidelines and laws. That no living being be used as a device or anatomically layered for any use by any person, place, or thing, under any circumstances unless under the prescription ordered as set forth by the medical professional of a patient in need of assisted technologies. Should any criminal acts have otherwise occurred that involved any living being in which the uses of these types of available devices, apps, and otherwise publicly available source other than mentioned herein has shown a life threatening and otherwise life altering tool needing URGENT ATTENTION for the safety of those who are, have been, or would become victim to such acts. To maintain and secure the sanctity and sanctuary of the right to life that is free from abuse.

To design a unique log in security program that shields people from identity theft while online by using a fingerprint reader that is attached to a memory card with heat sensitive timestamp signature accustomed to its user and device. That this type of security card be multi functional in various machines such as game consoles, tablets, cellular (mobile) phones, school use, computers, etc. A project intended to stop the cycle of abuse, which has spread in abundance, and at an overwhelming rate worldwide.  To work towards safeguards to be put in place for the security of every child and for our future. Projects that may aid John Walsh in his work to bring home missing children and in the fight against exploitation, human trafficking, sexual crimes, or any other criminal act against the children will be addressed by GRACE. To promise sanctuary for victims of abuse who are at an elevated risk without the considerations of all that is addressed here and are desperately needing to be addressed who are residents of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and victims due to all that is mention within this subject matter. For the protection of veterans of the armed forces around the globe, and to maintain the dignity of tradition, and heritage that requires protection of the human legacy.

As drafted for proposal for an international law against bio digital terrorism, mental terrorism, cyber abuse, physical restraint from healing, and other crimes against a person, family, community, town, state, nation, and country.

Written by Lana K. Lilla Christian under GRACE* on February 7, 2016. Revised on this day by Lana K. Lilla Christian February 17, 2016 at 2:51 P.M. Pacific Time


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