Fear of..

Once upon any given once upon a time

There came along a heathen spawn

Mighty in might, but so very little

And often times would be afraid

Of  those things of scary fears

That pick on us, but never touch

Always a little shy of we.

One particular evening wind

Made the sky grow dark

The little heathen’s eyes grew big

And his ears pointed up knowing this one was his.

Particular and peculiar began to grow at odds

And like the weather can shake a house

This Storm shook the little heathen to that place

And there was no turning back

He huffed up and stood right up

As he stomped and showed his teeth

Marched straight on up that mountain

To the very top where where the weathering king

Is known to be

When he arrived and came face to face

With his greatest fear

It wasn’t eyes that looked right back

It was an ingrown toenail .. ugly  and gross that snarled back

The Little Heathen Spawn began to laugh and laugh

He laughed so hard at this mighty Storm

Before the laughing made him roll right back

He sat up and rubbed his head

Where a lump began to grow

Then he said ‘ this makes us even’

And the fear that he once had spoke to him just then

What he said was ‘laugh at the world and the world laughs back’

The little one responded just so .. ‘ha ha ha ha ha’

Then the wind began to blow.




GRACE is dedicated to those of history like Helen of Troy, the story of Plaedes, and Sinbad, Jason and the Argonauts, Soap, Madeline Khan, Gilda Radner, Lucille Ball, Natalie Wood, Jessica McClure, Pinhead, The Stanley Hotel, The Tables at Vegas, Midnight, and Risk played in the morning after seeing AC/DC at the Cow Palace, The Baby’s, Street Angels, And Christopher Nicks and Lloyd… Page Masters and card sharks caught on vinyl.

That See’s Candy stands to remind us of things that the song ‘Trip Like I Do’ desperately urge us to remember. There are new ways of things, but old school must be mixed in with the new wine or there’d be no respect.

It is this that Michael Brown (Original Owner) to Michael Brown of St. Louis, Missouri are to be a standard cornerstone for what GRACE is to be built upon. Together with the protective determination for Little Man and Ms. Barb~there leaves no room for the events that lead to the death of our youth like Jessica Christine Ridgeway, or the story of Israel Noah Chamberlin to ever know the power of denied faith. This will not do, and GRACE won’t stand for it.

For children, God, and home base where dad’s star shines … GRACEummmmwisdom


A list of those fallen

Sam McCracken

Michael Brown

Jessica Christine Ridgeway

Paul Walker

Heath Ledger

Farrah Fawcett

Michael Jackson

Nicholas A Horton (Albany, NY)

Harry Presness

Chris Lynn Christian

Robert Lynn Lilla

Pebbles Michele Lilla (Sandlin)

Scott (Reno, Nevada)

Corey Taylor

Bill Trantham

Randy Brown

Sharon (Brown)

Bonnie Acosta

Shirley (Brown)

Jack Brown

Julie Brown

D.O. Putnam

Helen Putnam

Helen Hoke

Pat Hoke

Bob Hoke

Larry (Sheridan)

Lori (Sheridan)

Little Brian (Sheridan)

Carolyn (Sheridan)

Luella Lilla

Veronica Moser Sullivan, 6

Jessica N. Ghawi, 24

Alexander J. Boik, 18

Jesse E. Childress, 29

Jonathon T. Blunk, 26

Alex M. Sullivan, 27

Micayla C. Medek, 23

Matthew R McGquinn 27

Alexander C Teves, 24

Rebecca Ann Wingo, 32

Gordon W Cowden, 51

Steve (Santa Clara)

Noah Chamberlin, 2

Brittany Murphy

Pinky and Leather:

Back when I was 16 I was taking guitar lessons, had THE guitar of my dreams set for a goal, the car of my dreams within my reach, and a perfect life all painted and set to view with pride filled ooohhhhs and aaaahhhhs in a complete 360 around me. The mustang was cherry red and the year that need not be said because you should know it. Yes!! 1965! The guitar… a Gibson of coarse. White….

The year: 1986.

I ran away from home instead. 


Why? Why not! The truth is out there, and I was honestly not going to live a lie. Later on the facts of which is stated here came back in a huge way that leaves me dumbfounded regarding the holy fuck factor that involves God. Undeniably. This was the year that I met Jon and Steve one night as Chris was suicidal, and James passed out behind the bar. This is the same year that Queensryche mentions in a song on the Empire Album that Dan played for me years and years later.

Years later that found a man, John Coffin, ran over by a mustang near Cherry Creek, or something to that effect. A man who’s family goes back generations with the church. A man who could no longer be that pride of all that comes with being a biochemical engineer. Once a person’s head gets ran over… so does the beauty of genius in cases like this. What do you do? Wait for new teeth, and stuff whatever knowledge that once was prominent back in a corner as if useless and nonexistent.  Years and heart and soul… dreams… no words can describe the person that died of the person that has to keep living on without himself. What do you do? Valet attendant? busboy? bagger at the grocery store? shit.

The CD is called ‘Cherries down Under.’ 


I used to think it was all about some platform flip flop shoes that Chris wore once outside with his superhero pajamas that I caught on video one day… a day and a moment when we laughed together.


I was wrong.


Mustangs and the school they represent in Sheridan, Colorado. My flickr account, and the complaints filed regarding the pictures on it and the relating loss of life vital records that exist. ie: Larry, Lori, Carolyn, Pat, little Brian(infant), etc. The files with friends names on it on hard drives belonging to people who I’d just met. The names… The associations. Mustangs.

Pat in Cascade Locks Pats Obit I no longer have the picture of my daughter’s mustang in front of his house just before he passed, and when she moved to the area.


Pat Hoke:   Pat Hoke Shooting Stars she said.


People who’ve owned a Mustang:  and now I can’t copy and paste that particular picture, but it is on this site with my poetry. A picture of myself, my brother Michael S. Brown, and sister Pebbles Michele Lilla…(Sandlin) d. at Christmas.. our last one together.


Cornell Law…

Human Rights…




Brad Lee


Mental Health



Ash and….

Crying Wolf..


The Karate Kid, Arnold… Pat Morita… Happy Days


Mork and Mindy.. Nano tech no ?Golden? Jefferson County Parkway….

Child Support!    

Noah Chamberlin

McDonalds…. Cleveland….Show… Trade Center… Denver Post….       Broadway and Colfax……..     the MINT



Crazy and a little Luna/moon       like Mary and Sarah and myself… looney lanis tunes  Chew ! and lie about it. in other words swallow spit or scribble never ever ever chew. Right matty?  I lost the point I was trying to post in this, but not really. Right Mr. Gooch? The Deerhunter issue.. I totally understand. However, The Wall?!! There must have been a doll in the wall……  which one is?  

Congress: The people

THE “W”                                                                                                                                         
The sarcastic part of me instantly says, “ one of you is enough!” However, this is not the case when it comes to the terrorism that is happening around the world. We are quick to blame groups like ISIS, but when I stop to think about it 4/20 was before ISIS was so prominent in the news. Those at the base of this have been around for a long time, and have taken an opportune moment to move forward in whatever agenda, mission, or goal that they have in mind. They have taken it upon themselves to be as whoever suits to fit in order to accomplish these goals, and have enduring patience. I can say this simply because who they double, and the victims of their choice in this are linked in such a way that once it’s pointed out clarity hits. The truth is that they’ve found me. A simple person of ‘no big’ deal to take notice of, but with a lot to bring to the table. In fact, what I have to bring is monumental, and overwhelming.  It isn’t my opinions, nor my choices in lifestyle, etc. that has been the focus that the suit fits; it is facts surrounding my life that does. For example, birthdates of myself and my family’s. The military personnel that we have either married into or know together with the happenstance of life experiences have made us a terrorist’s eureka. Now, in the news there are events of tragedy in the United States of America that reflect every aspect of our lives, and point to those in important seats of the government. For example, the use of ‘heads of state’ place names ie: Jackson, Adams, Jefferson, etc. Keywords like ‘independence’, ‘meth’, ‘15’ (nickel and dime or 555), and twice (w) is digitally: 1515/ 30 pieces of silver. The pattern is obvious when referring to maps, streets, or topography. This with the number puzzle sequence doesn’t point to who, but how. We don’t stop to think that this is a very fine line. The facts surrounding out dates of birth could well be a coincidence, however, I tend to think that that is the only part that isn’t. So, yes there is a fine line here. Consider ISIS for a moment and Mrs. Clinton in regards to the ‘mother’ scenario of application with what I’m trying to state here. It brings me to be very concerned for her wellbeing, and for our present First Lady. I’ve read some of her woman’s organization’s posts, and I’ve noticed some things worth looking into. Also, this came to activate upon its peak opportune moment to move forward when President Obama took office. Naturally (for lack of better term, but inappropriate), this sparked the focus upon racism and civil rights. However, the focus of attention to feed from was health care.  Before jumping on this band wagon, there is more. Open an old source code from the time, and look closely to track the changes and differences between then and now. First, look at the 1999 and y2k reference. Somehow, and I don’t know exactly how they managed to add an extra ‘ or – to get KKK to fit in there, but they did. I can only say that perhaps it is reference to 4/20 as mentioned earlier. Perhaps left handed application a/o thinking with gesture. (again, concern). Mental Health, The Signal Program, Kinship, etc are all relevant along with Insurance, Open Source (really?!!) Government, and above all : Brace yourselves: God and Family. These are of one entity when we become a family. When a child is born, or we say ‘I do’. This is when we feel, and believe in God no matter our denomination, or lack there of. It is also what we, as American’s, fight to protect under the word ‘Freedom.’ Notice the mind goes to Hollywood, and famous last words which makes this the urgent plead to take care while on this fine line that we are all walking upon. MEDIA. Which must go step right up to the face of Congress and address urgently for action in taking out the parent / child source code language in internet /computer programming as if performing a life threatening operation.
Keep in mind that Master/Slave isn’t so bad since slavery is illegal. This may help with the human trafficking, border issues, and bring to light areas of much needed realization of truths. I don’t need to know.

                                                                                   Thank You,
                                                                                   Just call me Grace

It isn’t a bad thing, but a grown up thing to stand up and state that this country has a mess to clean up in and of itself. For four years, in order, to reestablish our moral obligation to what this nation once stood for… and as teenagers in the timeline of world governments and civility to join with the same to be good role models for our youth, but first.. to learn from them, and focus on the future right now that they are better leaders for a people then we ever fathomed to be. Together from sea to shining sea with the senior student bodies across the nation that those candidates now running join in this.. and all in all grow, learn, heal, and find – once again – THE AMERICAN WAY. Then perhaps try being UNITED.  This shows class 🙂 imo