proposal.jpgThe following are just some of the reasons that L.H.V.I.D. Project Gracefully needs and requests your help. According statistics, the numbers regarding abuse victims per minute of the day are sickening. Consider that today’s technology doesn’t leave the consumer completely immune to the zombie epidemic. If anything technology makes it more real, and beyond the words needed in order to describe. there is a very serious side to what’s happening around us everywhere that no one cares to address. Usually, the response is internal, and discouraging while it repeatedly breaks down ones self confidence and esteem. While a person goes on with life trying to break free from the Psychological Torture going on without others being the wiser, those that apply the torment are busy indeed. The chess pieces are put into play, and any breaks that they see to their advantage.. are taken without care of the victim. These attackers have no remorse. They continue over and over and on and on with false promises, and relentless beating down of the human spirit and will…  leaving the victim without help. Resources thin out depending on a persons patterns, choices, and behaviors in life … including relationships. If you are having issues with your mom or dad then plan on continuing to have them especially if you are estranged already. These assholes will sever whatever ties that you have left. Much like the cycle of abuse and it’s way of being a step by step schematic explanation of an abuser: it is within these guidelines that these criminals work. They will use your worst to make it even more terrible, but beneficial to them. Your worst is a non credible guarantee of sorts complete with an equation –/+ = -(-x–2)against you. This gets multiplied on their behalf which takes it to a triple+ positive for one negative every time. They take right out of your deepest dreams and rip them out from the core of your being. This is done by apps like RIGHT BRIAN HEMISPHERE AND BIO DIGITAL HUMAN. Along with online information, genealogy, criminal histories and such as explained throughout this blog.. they gain all the keys to where there are no longer any doors. The only good you are in this world is the good that will never be yours again.. they’re greedy and never follow through with promises unless they are the hurtful kind. They will keep you ok, and everything seemingly fine as if this is a lucky streak, but the fact is that unless you have or are an asset too them you’ll end up like so many already. Dead, severely messed up, homeless, recruited (not likely without that ++ side to offer, and just a minion at that), hospitalized, or incarcerated. The one option left is the SCAPEGOAT. This is how you appear to them in the beginning, and how they will last make certain that you will never be anything beyond this. It is diabolical in the fact that they are the true terrorists behind Isis and so forth. The difference is that they aren’t you think they are… you know right from the get go, and that becomes the challenge.. the ‘in it to win it’ aspect coming between friends and family. Will you remember and have the ability to call them on it. So many are going down for this because it’s accelerated and spread at such a rate that the original assholes are sipping PinaColadas in the tropics as they have been for probably a few years now. The thing is that they don’t have to leave their comfort zone to do this no matter where they are. This is something that is probably learned in a way that is fun, sneaky, and a blast to do. It is, but there’s more to it. These are used of God given gifts which are to be used with respect. Without Respect you even piss off the Devil. You’ll always be wrong, and your dreams dead. I won’t let that happen if I can help it. In order to do this there needs to be some help from you who are able to in any way that is of you to do so. What I mean is thatmore than money is needed in this project. The things that dreams are made of are required. For instance: new cleats, ballet slippers, art supplies, instruction videos, passes, and encouraging methods to keep interest and to find and keep a creative outlet while the world drives the youth to seeming insanity. Money helps too. Do not donate without doing the leg work and research. That’s simply ignorance, and why this is so needed within our communities.

Thank you, and the following resources I hope prove useful in bringing a stop to the terrorism of bio digital dehumanizing which is the platform for modern day slavery. Inspire a Dream, and kick the thief’s ass should you find him.. the one deserving of it.


Torture can affect the brain, leaving long-term psychological scars – PBS

How US Torture Left a Legacy of Damaged Minds – The New York Times

Psychological Effects of War and Terrorism on Children

Waterboarding- A Mental As Well As Physical Trauma – TIME

Neuroscience For Kids – Hemispheres

Right Brain Relationship – 13.7 … – NPR

Lumosity- Brain Games & Brain Training

The Cycle of Domestic Violence- – Domestic Violence Roundtable

The Cycle of Abuse – TEAR – Teens Experiencing Abusive Relationships

NIMH » Mental Health Information

Nuclear Medicine National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and

An Overview of the Human Genome Project – National Human

Nuclear Weapons- Who Has What at a Glance Arms Control



From here I think you get the idea. If you wish to help please donate to your local crisis center and domestic violence resource office. Or you can write to me at


49 S. Park 42

Reno, Nevada 89502

If you have questions, you can also call

(360)329-2895   Remember, you are not alone, and if you find you are victimized of bio digital terrorism and abuse we’ll get through it together.

Thank You,




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