In the Beginning…

When this experience of bio digital terrorism began to take over and rule my life it was obvious the intent. Like a flash of one’s life before the eyes of who lived it there was a flash of insight as to what was going on around and through at the same time.  All I can say is that there were three aspects involved 1) my aunt, Julie D. Brown 2) Regina ‘Winkler’ 3) Jana Savone along with location being of the east coast which makes four, and was familiar but not known to me. This was a bar. Suggestive as it was it was these that were presented, picked up on, and what was being targeted in its entirety came in that same flash. Since then I have been doing just what I did then… sitting on it, and letting it ride. I have to bring it up, yet again, the involvement of ‘mustang.’ Like a cat with five kittens, or stolen five times, or five five five.. it all amounts to 15 .. as it IS. Two 15 year old girls in Phoenix.. my child support amount, a conversation with Nick some years ago ‘what is is’ before not being able to get ahold of him for quite a few years after that. The targeting of my brother was brought into play in the beginning, and this is due to the parallel of lesbian relationships, the Babinski reflex, being upside down, and palmistry. *Google Al.Q. Chi. The declaration of Independence of sorts and likewise as with the Bush Administration. My brother also went to Independence High School, and racism was the crutch that the starting gun was to trigger. The race… health care. Mental Health. This includes everything in between, of coarse including spirituality, parenting, community, social security, personal hygiene, patterns, purpose.. or the MI’s in other words. The fact that we were not quite south enough for the KKK in the rebel yell sort of way didn’t matter much when it came to Little Egypt as a part of Southern Illinois’ resume. Upper Egypt later used also points out the use of layering of land, of body, of name, and still no matter how you put it .. I was born out of the kangaroo’s ass. As if the Clash of the Titans were still going hard at it with a game of Brutal Chess.. here we all are.. and have been. It is influential.. such as weaknesses (chocolate). A weakened mind, not to be confused with a weak mind, is vulnerable to changing influences that may or may not disrupt the will, and even alter it completely. Even as a person knows what they do.. in taking a stand for something do to an unjust methodology going on around them at the time… the will is nonetheless altered. Strengthened without much differential as one that is weakened.

The mustang aspect, and the recent ‘incarceration’ of my daughter Michele.. goes with the Michael Brown aspect as well… Adam’s county.. Prince.. Michael Jackson.. Blankets.. Turkeys.. xxx…. and the civic center (Washington D.C. as apposed to St. Louis). Mappers, yappers, and amped learns. It’s all about the bass.

Max load, Xmas eve, tsunami’s.. all it takes is the way you pray.. and one tiny little innocent buck. Along with tamales and two African fellows who have nothing on the little birds who may tell in the bathroom! Yellow. Blue birds fly beyond the rainbow though….

T’wat was that?

Roam if you want to..


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