Does anyone think about Christopher II

btw notice Chris’ features closely.


100_0284This picture is on a refrigerator door that belongs to Loressa Pease Selby the recipe sell by date or something. What isn’t known is about who lives behind and who lives in front. and used to live at.


100_0648We used to have pumpkins when we lived on Lockwood. It snowed. Oh.. and those Corey Taylor shoes.


38013_104239972967030_1570683_n hmmm red band society anyone.. silly is the best medicine when your headed toward Bobcat Canyon at Red Feather Lakes.


192844_106536986113702_125380_oNice tattoo or two this man has. Reminds me of initials carved with a razor blade one night.

260152_522256157788693_66250775_nBoondock Saints anyone?


289492_2297570035603_3092682_o cats right? did you make the money for the tuition? fat cat? oh yeah Metro PCS is from Carol Stream Illinois/Child Support Enforcement.. not in Carol Stream.



who does she look like in this picture? wad o’ google. oh btw..she has rh- blood. the monkey blood that I was threatened with first… like with coco…pharm nahh… we take ranch over that shit anytime.  or honey mustard.

Chrome gets stolen how many times?

no living in Firefox.. or po boxes.. no one can fit for this wage even if they let us.. no? dang it.

coincedencenoI own both the sweater and the jacket.


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