It continues every day since the day it began in 2009 at 203 E Cleveland St. Tower Hill, Illinois. For those who do this torture to people it may have been planned and going on for a long time. I have done so much research while paying the ultimate price for even going to Illinois in the first place. I’ve come to find out that this is what is behind the hard road lived by my mother, my uncle, my brother, and everyone that we’ve loved over time.beyondmuses

This is why our relationships didn’t work. Why family fell apart. Why my brother was scapegoated, and since Chris found the video to match the research that I’ve done: It was all set up. When Michael Brown died in St. Louis and Jessica Ridgeway’s picture next to my daughter Jessica look as though they could have been sisters..I knew that it is with everything in me to make certain that this story is heard.  With the health fraud, and child support fraud from more than what  the listings on the claundestine registered page indicates… it is family now tearing family apart. The case in Jefferson County, Colorado being linked to Jefferson (anything) my health insurance at Casey’s General Store changing to another company all together, and H&R Block tax issues showing up for me to keep mental note of all of these years, are only the beginning of the ordeal.  that all pointed to the registered address of our home online began a snowball effect that has me here, now… with way too much information and facts to know how to get past the hold still upon me. To this day my computer is hacked, my daughter just got into a car accident, and more of my writings gone. It is time to get down to the facts about what happened.jessica

Chris was busted for methamphetamine manufacturing in 2006. I moved to Illinois in 2008 to help a woman and her five children get settled after leaving an abusive relationship. Things went the way they did, and Chris and I met and married in 2009 after moving into the house on Cleveland on March 23, 2009. We said our vows to each other that day at the Jefferson School in Tower Hill, Illinois. We were officially married on April 17, 2009 (friday), and the paperwork was turned into Shelby County on the following Monday. Kayla (Neal), Cliff, and Janet Christian were witnesses. It was Stephanie Knezevich and Jason Reynolds who initially convinced me to move to Illinois to help Gina (regina) for we all shared a strong love for kids, and hopes for them. After moving in and getting married our friendship began to drift apart.carpenterswoodSCOTT

Chris was still on parole. He was released from in October of that year. This is when things really took a turn. We both partied, but not like our past. We would do aderals, and when bath salts (methadrone) became legal we went for it. Hey! what do you know? We were going to be okay. We weren’t.

Critter got a wii for Christmas. I was pretty good at bowling. One day (Critter wasn’t there) we shot up some salts, and although

boogiefree - Copypaulpaulwithsissy - Copy

there are many events and parts to this story.. it was then that everything changed for me inside and out. I saw on the screen the medical files and I thought of Gina and my Aunt Julie (first) before the rush of this madness’ beginnings took over. This is when I realized what they where doing. I just wasn’t sure who it was only WHAT it was. Aside from Hurricane Irene and the whole Australia thing (it was one of our movies.. I hadn’t mentioned and still haven’t to this day the importance of wine, Mexico, Greek Easter, Australia, and Peanuts. Sawing the wood came into play though .. later. Instantly I knew that what I wanted was visually influenced by the pictures on the t.v. screen. I was going to be a vegetable, or an exploited whore… I started buying Poppy Seed Dressing.. My daughter called Chris Popi. I thought it was funny. Anyway, it is my Aunt Julie, Agnews, Sun Systems, and a plan that had ‘hatched’ as humpty dumpty, but I am a weebles wobble girl. No one knew that. I felt it instantly. I started jumping up off the floor because of all the microwaves, alpha beta,theta delta fractal feeds coming in and out of the house. There was a pile of unplugged cords up in the attic. I never didn’t feel them even when he moved them from one side to the other just to piss me off. I became less tolerant of design then I already was. Put a ruler with a pen and a what the fucker ever next to a black and Decker pecker wrecker, and you’ll get Godsmack’d by a wise old dude when out with the backhoe. I just smoked tobacco.

micheleandmeJessica Ridgeway

I didn’t like salts much. We fought naked for four days. FOUGHT. weee! It took me so long to KNOW that what was going on was bigger than even I knew at the beginning. Everything in the house was home growing up. They got all that they needed. When I saw my girls in porn and went ape shit; it got worse. I saw Paul hurt, sodomized day after day while being threatened with their lives if I didn’t do what I was told to do.. by Chris or otherwise fed through the Toshiba or Acer that he used. It is this, our birth dates (all coinciding with the story of the deluge in Genesis), Christian (by name), both of us ordained, and a cloak of a registered meth lab as a platform to control, get in, and eventually be over run elsewhere by terrorists. Grandpa Christian gave Chris to give me the Isis dagger, but I believe it is opposite (c.c.). The town’s symbol is of medicine. When Chris died he was entered into the coroner’s office as divorced. Bill McFarland is first res ponder and Stephanie’s uncle works for Tower Hill. I don’t get it. Elisia (sis) is a stenographer, notary, and bailed out Chris (never told me he got in trouble) with the same amount as before after quitting her job. All of Chris’ info disappeared off of the internet really fast. No one bothered to get in touch with me to tell me. Nykki and Steph were both asked in regards to getting my things and I’d pay for it. Nothing has been heard to this day. Jessica Christian is not my daughter’s name, but is the name on a doctor’s visit bill that came in the mail.. for a visit in PANA, ILLINOIS. My daughter didn’t even know my last name. My account was through People’s Bank. Jessica Middleton Bland works there I hear. 333 like Nick. Gina’s kids and Chris’ family have parallel names. The route of New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona have been taken several times over the years. Incidents to follow them as well. Alaska cruises and my brother in laws past coming at me to pay the price for. Jeremy Chad Christian was with the Navy, At and T, admitted to liking to be behind the camera (as lotion squirted all over him.. that was hilarious), Critter being told his parents and grandparents are shit, Sharon being a teacher, and 137 Freemont having that stop sign at the corner with reference to 9:2 yet again                         .lanalana

Here’s the thing. Mary and Sarah were caught by me. Caught back stabbing Chris and myself. They had my information and jewelry of Sara’s and Michele’s. Janet picked out the ring that Michele had when Dan got in trouble. I saw the paperwork and know he was set up. Truck drivers, NorthernTools, and that they had lived in Englewood before. Sarah has a brother there or something. Jason Waters, my former boss at Tanner’s lived there too. I don’t know what all is published of this story, and I may repeat. It is worth it to get the word out. We went through hell to get the information that the wise people in our lives, but mainly mine.. could help stop what was going on. I have been denied my rights, and all that is to help stop terrorism. Chris knew it was Isis. Isolating with abuse… the medicinal factor by health reports, the assisted technology, the battery idea, the 3.2 billion dollar energy outline, The good sides are awesome. The wonders that are available like a little blind girl able to imagine and see. Now if hearing for the deaf didn’t include this torment that passes my everyday constantly, or all that I know of this .. even better. Those ideas were ours. Some shared, some that I’ve had for so long that if people got together with all of the facts the story would make sense. My book and the refusal to return anything, but only take more. As I get close to help then the effects come in of hostility and I find myself having to move for no real reason, and left to take the blame of whatever afterwards.. so, what.. they can spread this virus.. and tear down a country one step at a time. By the cycle of abuse, mental health, parent child relationship…1999, religion, auctions, real estate, genealogy, selling dna and the medical equipment to carry on with these dangerous actions. My step daughter and Chris’ step mother are both RNs.chrisnboo

June 1st. We were all shot at.. all races in one place (not all but several could’ve gone at that time) is a date on the registered page. Activated over three years later. I am that address. I need help. My calls and my emails are diverted, and I don’t want to join Chris, Corey, Dori, Amy, Missy, Kathy, Sam, Keith, Dave, Bob, Helen, Jessica, Pat, Harry, Glen, or any of them just yet.

I just want to make tshirts if I can’t have my writting back… like I’ve wanted to do for so long. With sayings like: ‘It’s like chasing snot on a duck.’ for Mr. Jason who likes to catch them. I want to travel and listen to what children of all ages wanted to be when they got older. I want the little ones to give those one liners that, in bulk, may  protect them from ever knowing what it is to be consumed as a product, and attached as a device known as a biodigital human. Controlled and bet upon priced at auction. The terror that goes on is the increase in suicide. They are in and breaking four year old. Mom’s thinking demons are in their babies, and it’s not. It’s like I said before…deadly mixes, and now Mexico legalizing what they’ve always been good for anyway. Its in the fuel. we breath it and it’s bath salts. It makes people eat each others faces off. We fought FOUR DAYS NAKED..NAKED. and Nothin. That’s a shitty deal. The knock out punch is in newspaper auction archives.. the evidence and proof of this is here and there. I just want my rights as a wife and a widow and someone to jack the program that has my keys to my zion mainframe in the place it should be. Destroyed and back to when muses kept things awe inspiring and appreciated I was boot stomped for the cause. I stuck it out because I love. I fight every minute of every day the real war that no one on home soil will stand up for enough to end it. Comfortable Lies for uncomfortable truths are going to be the downfall of families, countries, and the individual… and the child. I’ll die if someone doesn’t help. My girl will or my son.. any one or more of them. That is the threat and I have the lists of those in their name who have.. here with me. Don’t tell me it’s not true. My father, my sister, Bob Hoke, Eric, and all the above and then some are gone.

Rights as a wife and a widow. The reports already filed.. the attempts all over the place… and no one will do anything. Even the government chooses to be murders of generations of more than one family here. I’m the hub. My dental with Glen J. Gooch in California. My trust in adults doing right for the youth world wide… hmmm here: Mr. and Mrs. Donald McGraw, Charles Horton, William Arnold, and Randy Acosta. Otherwise kindly fuck off I’d like to die in peace then.





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